Midwestern Dry Gin

T-wood by Tapì

Production at the American distillers Rieger & Co. reflects the company’s close links with tradition and its surroundings, as well as the spirit of research and partnership with other players and professionals in the spirits sector. Here at Tapì, we help make the closures.

Founded in Kansas City, Missouri in 1887, the historic whiskey house Rieger & Co. now also specializes in making other spirits.

Such as Midwestern Dry Gin, inspired by traditional London Dry Gins, highlighting the spicy aromatic character of ripe juniper berries. Or their Caffè Amaro, a coffee liqueur created in a partnership with a local roasting facility, which selected a special single-origin bean which blends perfectly with the other herbs in the recipe. The packaging for both products features a closure created by Tapì.

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