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24 April 2019

Édition Spéciale by Luxe Pack: Tapì will be flying to Paris

On the 4th and 5th of June, we will be flying to Paris to take part at the Édition Spéciale of Luxe Pack, a renowned European trade fair for luxury packaging, with a focus on sustainability.

20 April 2019

Packaging Première: Fieramilanocity, vom 28. bis 30. Mai 2019

Exklusive Premieren, Experimente und Luxus sind die Top Keywords für die diesjährige Packaging Première, an der auch wir von Tapì als Aussteller teilnehmen.

16 April 2019

NFC closures: a new experience for producers and consumers

A strategic partnership with Thinfilm, which enables us to create closures equipped with NFC technology. Smart closures that can trace and notify counterfeit or damaged products, but also help consumers enjoy real experiences

08 April 2019

Packaging is about more than just aesthetics – how to change point of view in the wine sector

It’s commonly believed that packaging is simply the art of enclosing a product in order to display it to the public, concentrating solely and exclusively on its looks and shape, though this fails to take into account the many other qualitative and distinctive features that go to make up the product itself.

15 März 2019

Tapì bei der World Spirits Conference in London

Am Donnerstag, 28. März, waren wir in London zur World Spirits Conference, die im historischen Gebäude der Honorable Artillery Company stattfand.

12 März 2019

Purity: the characterful closure for refined wines

The discreet, refined character of the Purity line is what enables it to successfully reflect the qualities of the wine that it seals. Made with the most advanced technologies, the closures in this range are truly cutting-edge, made without any glue or other potentially harmful chemicals that might compromise the quality of a wine, by altering its colour, flavour and/or aroma.

09 März 2019

Mini T-Mix Wood und Mini T-Mix Synthetic by Tapì

Kleine Ausgießer für Saucen in großer Qualität: Mini T-Mix ist die neue Reihe von Tapì für den Bereich Öl und Saucen, die speziell für Olivenöl und Balsamessig in kleinformatigen Flaschen entwickelt wurde.

08 März 2019

Craft Spirits Conference & Expo: 16th edition

The 16th annual Craft Spirits Conference & Expo, held by the ADI (American Distilling Institute) and aimed at all craft distilleries, led Tapì to visit the city of Denver, Colorado, from the 18th to the 21st of March.

07 März 2019

Tapì bei Pentawards Live: eine Chance für konstruktives Networking

Am 13. Februar waren wir zu Gast bei der Pentawards Live, einer wichtigen Veranstaltung, die Design, Brand und neuen Technologien vereint.

05 März 2019

Tapì at the Modernisation of the EU-Mexico Trade Agreement – Trade Opportunities

On 5 February 2019 , we flew to Mexico to the conference on the Modernisation of the EU-Mexico Trade Agreement held at the Ministry of Economy’s Auditorium in Mexico City.

11 Februar 2019

Tapì für AMANC: Verschlüsse, die sich für Herzensangelegenheiten öffnen

In Mexico ist Krebs die häufigste Todesursache bei Patienten zwischen 5 und 14 Jahren, und jedes Jahr treten über 5.000 neue Krankheitsfälle im Kindesalter ein.

18 Januar 2019

Alle Facetten der Reihe SCR: der Schraubverschluss, der den Geschmack den Produkts bewahrt.

Aluminium, Holz und Kunststoff: Die Schraubverschlüsse der Reihe SCR by Tapì sind vielseitig und sehr effizient.

14 Januar 2019

Tapì Group at the 2019 Unified Symposium

Again in 2019, Tapì will be guests at the Unified Symposium, the biggest trade show for the Wine & Grape sector in the United States..

11 Januar 2019

Starlight by Tapì: ein Verschluss mit Charakter, den man auf ersten Blick erkennt

Starlight basiert auf einem kreativen Concept, das jeder Flasche durch seine lebhaften Farben und das futuristische Design Glanz verleihen soll.

24 Dezember 2018

Starlight Mix by Tapì

Der Verschluss mit Ausgießer, der Ihre Produkte stilvoll abrundet.

28 November 2018

Drink Technology India - our trip to Mumbai

For Drink Technology India, the three-day vertical event on the Indian beverage market, we flew to Mumbai to present our new collections designed for various application sectors.

23 November 2018

L’evento organizzato da Peugeot che vede Tapì tra i suoi protagonisti

Cosa ti spinge, cosa ti guida? Questo il significato di What drives you, il focus del nuovo format per la presentazione di 508, la neonata della gamma Peugeot.

21 November 2018

La chiusura di Tapì dedicata al mondo dei diffusori per ambiente

La nostra esperienza pluriennale nel mondo degli spirits, e più in generale del mondo beverage, ci ha permesso di ideare una chiusura innovativa dedicata ai profumatori per ambiente.

20 November 2018

La nuova chiusura by Tapì che mette in risalto l’artigianalità del mondo spirits

L’artigianalità, si sa, è un trend in costante crescita nel settore del beverage, ecco perché è necessario sviluppare packaging che ricalchino a pieno l’essenza del prodotto finito.