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angle-left Craft Spirits Conference & Expo: 16th edition
08 marzo 2019

Craft Spirits Conference & Expo: 16th edition

The 16th annual Craft Spirits Conference & Expo, held by the ADI (American Distilling Institute) and aimed at all craft distilleries, led Tapì to visit the city of Denver, Colorado, from the 18th to the 21st of March.


The overall theme of the conference was clear and unquestionable, providing a unique opportunity to enjoy the top-level conferences and presentations about the spirits industry.


The space set aside for the Craft Spirits Conference & Expo was in the form of a huge still, with a mix featuring equal amounts of presentations on a wide range of craft products together with an infinite variety of proposals on how to improve the production, supply and distribution of both premium and super-premium alcoholic drinks.


A great number of industry experts were there, all of whom made the most of this perfect opportunity to network and share information. A major trade fair held on American soil which, since the hiatus of Prohibition, has blossomed into the ideal territory for a strong, ultra-specialized spirits culture underpinned by a perfect blend of tradition and innovation.


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