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angle-left Il packaging non è solo estetica: come cambiare punto di vista nel mondo del vino
08 aprile 2019

Packaging is about more than just aesthetics – how to change point of view in the wine sector

It’s commonly believed that packaging is simply the art of enclosing a product in order to display it to the public, concentrating solely and exclusively on its looks and shape, though this fails to take into account the many other qualitative and distinctive features that go to make up the product itself.


Packaging is not just a matter of aesthetics, which is why we put on an event focussing on this concept together with our partners Laffort and with the Spazio Di Paolo design studio. Within the renowned walls of Gruppo Italiano Vini’s Cantina Bolla, on the 18th of April, we discussed beliefs both old and new about packaging in the wine sector.


The message we all took home was the need to go beyond mere shape, in order to understand what role packaging plays and what makes it one of the most important and effective tools for communicating the qualities of the wines we sell to the market.

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