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angle-left L’evento organizzato da Peugeot che vede Tapì tra i suoi protagonisti
23 novembre 2018

"What Drives You?": the Peugeot event starring Tapì

"What Drives You?": the Peugeot event starring Tapì

What pushes you, what guides you? What drives you, the focus of the new launch format for the 508, the latest addition to the Peugeot stable.

A question which might be seen as provocative, but which Peugeot decided to ask entrepreneurs who represent Italian excellence around the world. The world-renowned automobile brand asked a range of entrepreneurs to explain what drives their commitment and professional growth, exploring the various crossover points between the automotive sector and the motivational and aspirational impetus that has led Italian entrepreneurship to thrive in a variety of different sectors.

The goal of the format was to highlight companies driven by their dreams, through people with a burning desire for growth who like to step well out of their comfort zone.

Tapì was one of the stars at the event, along with some of Italy’s finest companies, first at Caffè Pedrocchi in Padua and then at the Unicredit Pavilion in Milan. A unique opportunity to tell our story and set out our goals. We are proud to have been chosen by Peugeot as an example of Italian excellence.


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