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angle-left A formative experience and a place to share our knowhow
09 November 2018

A formative experience and a place to share our knowhow

On the 30th and 31st October, we were in London for the Spirits Strategies & Innovation Congress, an intense two-day event, dedicated to strategy innovations on the spirits market.

The event saw a string of interesting conferences and speeches: a unique opportunity to generate complementarities and synergies among the various professionals and companies operating on the international scene.

As sponsors of the event, Tapì took part with a vertical presentation about the closures sector. The evolution of technologies and market trends, use of materials and those little innovations that help to preserve the finished product even better.

The generation born between 1980 and 2000, the so-called Millennials, play a central role in shaping trends in the packaging world, which of course also has a knock-on effect in the closures sector.

Eco-sustainability, craftsmanship and brand-related experience are just some of the values which are so deeply rooted within their generation – which is why leading beverage companies are evolving marketing strategies to encompass such trends: aiming to satisfy what is a growing – yet at the same time increasingly niche – demand.

Anticipating trends is vital if we are going to continue to respond to the market. That is why, in recent years, Tapì has also evolved towards new technologies and innovative materials, seeking to offer increasingly complete and exclusive elements, especially to premium brand producers.

Differentiation, customization and exclusivity. These are the principles of the Abor project, of Signature Ceramic and Wood Inspiration, some of the Tapì closures that embellish packaging aiming to improve the consumer’s experience.



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