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angle-left Evento internazionale dedicato al packaging innovativo
25 May 2018

Evento internazionale dedicato al packaging innovativo

"PACKAGING REVOLUTION" was held on Friday 4th May, in Spoltore (near Pescara), the first event in Italy dedicated to innovations in the field of packaging for spirits, wine, olive oil, beer and cosmetics sectors.

Organized by Tapì partner, PMA, the event earned itself a place in the international spotlight, due to the participation of leading companies in the food & beverage packaging and strategic marketing fields, including MASILVA Group, ROTAS, and Spazio di Paolo.

Tapì was one of the companies at the forefront, with our in-depth presentation of our new projects and of the technologies we have been developing in 2018. Our speakers at the event were Paolo Boratto, Head of Marketing and Communication at Tapì Group, Enzo Maria Gallazzi, European Sales Manager for the Tapì Wine division and Maurizio Giofrè, Sales Director for the Revò by Tapì brand.

A wonderful opportunity to exchange views and do some networking, enabling us to highlight the importance of packaging for businesses on a global scale.

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