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angle-left Gamma chiusure vino by Tapì Wine
24 March 2018

Gamma chiusure vino by Tapì Wine

Pure innovation, for a “true” wine

From Tapì’s vocation for finding efficient solutions for the wine sector comes “Vero” (Italian for “True” or “Genuine”), the closure that plays on the strengths of tradition, enhancing them by applying the latest technological advances.

Vero is the next-generation closure made up of a micro-agglomerate of material containing over 50% natural cork, bonded without the use of adhesives such as polyurethane.

Vero, for a cleaner sensory experience

In Vero, traditional natural cork co-exists with all the innovation and technology of a high-tech closure: a mixture that can prevent sensory anomalies and the cork taint caused by wine coming into contact with TCA or other contaminants.

Beauty au naturel

In addition to being safe and ecological in terms of its composition, Vero features a compact and natural design, mimicking the aesthetic features of the natural cork stopper.

A closure designed for winemakers whose love of tradition is matched by a desire for innovation, in order to ensure that their packaging solutions are consistent with their product.

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