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angle-left La chiusura di Tapì dedicata al mondo dei diffusori per ambiente
21 November 2018

Duo: Tapi’s closure for the diffuser sector

Our many years of experience in the world of spirits, and in the beverage world as a whole, has enabled us to design an innovative closure for air fresheners.

The main problem for these diffusers is that there is no suitable cap to help the end customer open them quickly and simply. Indeed, air fresheners generally have a dual closure: a screw cap with a hole where the sticks come out and a plastic cap for sealing the contents in so that they don’t spill during storage or transport.

Duo, Tapì’s new two-in-one closure, acts as both cap and ring to house the reeds that release the fragrance into the air.

Duo can provide manufacturers with a series of advantages:

  • Lower production costs as only one component needs to be purchased;
  • Greater aesthetic appeal as both the wood and the internal closure can generally be customized;
  • Simple storage and transport for the finished product, without any risk of leakage.

Our long experience of designing innovative closures for our customers in the beverage sector means we know just how important it is to preserve aromas. That is why we designed Duo, to make it easier to close air fresheners, with reeds that help to diffuse the fragrance.


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