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angle-left La nuova chiusura by Tapì che mette in risalto l’artigianalità del mondo spirits
20 November 2018

Signature Stone: the new Tapì closure underscoring the craftsmanship in the spirits world

As we are well aware, craftsmanship is a growing trend in the beverage sector, so its packaging needs to fully reflect the essence of the finished product.

Signature Stone, the new closure designed by Tapì as part of the Signature Ceramic range, uses an ecological material (ceramics, of course) combined with a leg that can be made out of a synthetic material, cork or micro-agglomerate, according to the customer’s requirements.

As well as fitting in with the craftsmanship trend, which is increasingly popular among end customers, it is also an ethical green-design choice. A natural noble material that helps makes closures into true artistic masterpieces.

Stone-finish ceramic helps create one-of-a-kind packaging, dedicated to the world of premium spirits. What is more, it acts as a trait d’union between innovation and tradition, enriching a functional element – in this case a traditional closure – with the expressive qualities of an age-old material such as ceramics.


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