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angle-left New opportunities for the creation of unique packaging design.
15 December 2020

New opportunities for the creation of unique packaging design. Talking to Marcos Ramos Silveyra, Sales Director Tapì South America.

The main trends I detect in the liquor market can be summarised in two words: differentiation and premiumization, meaning an increased demand for products of ever greater distinction.

This is demonstrated by our collaboration with major companies on the international scene, such as Owens Illinois in Colombia, which currently produces the best quality bottles available in South America. Such demand for quality products suits Tapì’s range, since design and personalisation for individual customer products are our strong points. This is a fertile field for our company, in a market which values this level of quality.

I see Tapì as a large, powerful business family, with great opportunities for expansion. In South America, 80% of producers still do not have a national or even a continent-wide solution for the supply of closures for their products.This says a great deal about the opportunities open to a company such as ours to identify and grasp on the continental market. In Brazil for instance, the largest country in South America, the production of distilled spirits is greater than that of all the rest of the continent’s countries put together. Here, the challenge is that 99% of the output of products such as cachaça and aguardiente is intended for internal consumption, so the level of brand awareness is very low across the range. If these high alcohol content drinks could escape the medium to low range product sector, we could begin a very fruitful dialogue with their producers. Other valuable opportunities are Chilean pisco, brandy distilled from Chilean grapes, for which there is a high demand. And then there is rum, always much sought-after abroad.

Tapì has to take a gamble, by converting all its branches from local to global. I think we need to give the various parts of the company a single corporate image, bringing the potentiality of the brand and the services of the various production areas in line with each other, no matter where they are based.

A customer in the United Kingdom should not mind asking for the services of Tapì Italia, or Tapì America or South America. We are an international business, and so we have to ensure that our products are also international, through a stronger, consistent branding strategy.


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