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angle-left Purity: la chiusura di carattere per vini raffinati
12 March 2019

Purity: the characterful closure for refined wines

The discreet, refined character of the Purity line is what enables it to successfully reflect the qualities of the wine that it seals. Made with the most advanced technologies, the closures in this range are truly cutting-edge, made without any glue or other potentially harmful chemicals that might compromise the quality of a wine, by altering its colour, flavour and/or aroma.


The risk of a wine being affected by a traditionally-made cork has thus been averted for ever. The Purity line’s solution lies in its unique, pure cap, manufactured using over-injection moulding, with head and leg in a clear synthetic material.


The Purity closure signed by Tapì is designed specifically to properly and safely preserve any type of wine and distillate, but of course it also needs to please the eye. Using clear synthetic materials means that colours and flavours can first of all be enjoyed with the sense of sight and can be customized exclusively so as to bring out the qualities intrinsic to the nectar of the gods.


In practice, the Purity line has its own character because it regards simplicity, customization and innovation as key to enhancing the nobility of any wine that, once poured out and sipped, will continue to express its noble essence.


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