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27 September 2018

T-wood by Tapì

Por Cuba libre: a cry of hope that introduced a now world-famous cocktail

We are in 1900, in the Cuban capital of Havana. A soldier, in an American bar, is drinking Bacardi rum mixed with cola and a few drops of lemon juice, an unusual drink that had never been created before. As he sips on his cocktail, the soldier decides to raise his glass and toast with the patrons and his companions of adventure what is now remembered as a great historical event: por Cuba libre.

That is how one of the most popular mixes in the world was born, but Bacardi’s history goes back much further.

From Spain to Cuba: Don Facundo Bacardi sets out to conquer the world

Don Facundo Bacardi, founder of the well-known brand, moved from Spain to Cuba as a teenager. Once he reached the breathtakingly beautiful island of Cuba, Mr Bacardi began to write the history of spirits by opening his first import business for wines and spirits from his native Europe.

Soon, however, Don Facundo had another insight. Why not create a premium distillate alongside the traditional rum that can be found more or less throughout the island? Thus began a meticulous research campaign to come up with a new recipe based on local yeasts and what was then an innovative production process.

Back in 1862, a new chapter was written in the family annals. His descendants continue to keep the name of their forefather on everyone’s lips, through their concerted efforts to develop and produce spirits of great modernity.

Bacardi Reserva 8

The company’s greatest masterpiece and corporate symbol is without doubt its Bacardi Reserva 8, a blend of rums aged 8 years or more in white oak casks, which give it various aromas which are clearly distinguishable on the palate.

Its bright, transparent, crystalline amber tones, and impressive nose featuring fruit, flowers and alcohol make tasting this rum a truly unforgettable experience for the soul. Excellent either neat or on the rocks, but also a perfect base for cocktails such as Old Fashioned and Old Cuban.

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