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angle-left Tapì group: leadership and innovation
29 May 2016

Tapì group: leadership and innovation

Tapì group: leadership and innovation

Interview to Nicola Mason - Tapì Group Co-Founder

Recently the Ukrainian magazine AZ interviewed Nicola Mason, regarding Tapì Spa and Mr. Viacheslav Shysh, Country Manager in Ukraine.

After a brief description Mr. Mason proceeded to praise the entire team worldwide for the excellent work and continued to cover such points as the Network of Joint Ventures, the group organization and the strategy adopted by Tapì. Here are some excerpts: “the Tapì Group long-term strategy is to bring forth manufacturing facilities and plants where customers actually are, by meeting global demands at local assist clients in designing and developing new products and to provide new technological solutions”.

Mr. Shysh also added: “Ukraine is one of the world’s largest producers of high-quality Vodka and that Tapì can assist distilleries in the country’s impressive and...expanding domestic demand and international growth, which is our focus at this time...the greatest challenge is to adapt constantly.