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angle-left The Signature products range designed by Tapì
29 October 2020

The Signature products range designed by Tapì

The Signature range originally came from France a few years ago, initially as response to requests from a few premium markets. Amongst them was cognac, with the need to develop packaging that would enhance and accent/highlight the intrinsic features of their products.

In reality, though, this specific sector - the premium and super premium - was looking for packaging that was of the highest quality in terms of materials, products and services, as a whole. The packaging had to be of the best quality and of high performance. These particular markets requested research study into craftsmanship and customisation - characteristics that today are the bread and butter of our Research and Development department.

But that wasn’t all. The bottles used to hold such precious elixirs/fine spirits had wider mouths than the standard bottles used in the more commercial markets, which meant they needed larger, heavier closures. That’s how the Signature range designed by Tapì was born. From one specific requirement and years of constant research, we have been able to create a range of products that fit any type of spirit that needs a seal that’s beautiful to behold and that has maximum efficiency.


Signature Ceramic Inspiration

Top-end closures with changing appeal - luxurious, vintage, shrouded in mystery. Little sculptures inspired by the beauty of ceramics from an artistic and architectural area. This could be the tag line for the Ceramic Inspiration range. Genuine masterpieces in packaging design that allow closures to be created with a sculptural, timeless style, but always paying attention to sustainability.

There are many types of finish available now, including the most recent - Stone Effect. This reflects the characteristics of stone to give a touch of craftsmanship to whatever product it seals.


Signature Wood Inspiration

The beauty of wood is one of the cornerstones of the Signature Wood Inspiration range. Elegance meets the feeling of warmth generated by wood, this is the aim of producing a range of closures that can enhance any spirit that it seals.

A material stands the test of time, available in many, varied finishes and for any concept differentiated by their requirements.

Round, sharp/well-defined, regular shapes. Style details that give every single closure its own inimitable uniqueness, with the ability to amaze at first glance. Tradition and modernity meet to create a range of closures that look to the future by expressing the values of a past beauty.

Little masterpieces with a craftsmanlike feel - this is how the Signature Wood Inspiration range could be described, which has recently been enhanced by two new finishes: Craft Effect, with leather inserts, and Exotic Wood, that uses wood from far-off, exotic places to create the unique feel of travel for the consumer.


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