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angle-left Trends to be taken seriously for the world of artisan beer in 2021
09 November 2020

Trends to be taken seriously for the world of artisan beer in 2021

Keep any eye on these seven developments for the coming year in the craft beer sector


The world of artisan beer has gained huge popularity over the last few years. It’s estimated that there are more than 19,000 brewers globally and 94% of these are artisan producers, with the United States leading the market.

These large numbers have resulted in the strengthening of some emerging trends and the evolution of some completely new ones. In light of this, let’s have a look at which trends will define the artisan beer sector in 2021.

1. Lambic or Sour Beer

Over the past few years, Sour Beers have been acknowledged as niche products, not to everyone's taste. But more recently, sales of these sharp, highly fruited beers have exploded in the mainstream market.

Producers have also confirmed that Lambic Beers are outselling other styles of beer in growth terms. Clearly, we are talking in percentage terms and not overall volumes.

The reason for their increased popularity seems to be down to the fact these Sour Beers have a relatively low calorie and alcohol content, while still offering a rich and highly aromatic flavour.

2. Greater respect for Lager

Lager has long suffered from a poor reputation in the craft beer market, as it hasn’t really been considered an artisan product. Yet IPA beers have continued to reign supreme, and whose near monopoly has begun to diminish due to the increased popularity of the much-maligned lager.

Some microbreweries have been able to devise well-loved blends, attracting a large number of customers. This is why IPAs will almost certainly continue to reduce in number over the course of 2021.

3. CBD beers are on their way

Over the last few months, an array of CBD-based products has been designed. It was only a matter of time before beer would get involved in this area as well.

CBD refers to the non-psychoactive part of marijuana. Legal in most countries, it helps to lift anxiety and enhance relaxation without any feeling of being drugged.

A variety of artisan brewers are planning to launch CBD-based beers on a limited-edition basis. And if they turn out to be really popular, production will continue in the coming years.

4. Rosé beer is gaining ground too

Pink beers have become very popular this year, but in 2021 they will become part of an even larger trend that’s more widely accepted even by connoisseurs.

This type of beer – inspired by rosé wine – is winning over the female market, attracted by the colour to get into the world of craft beer.

5. Tough times for large-scale brewers

Various research has shown that artisan brewers could give large-scale breweries a run for their money, by expanding their market share.

This theory is founded on the fact that younger customers are the driving force in the global popularity of craft beers. And since this generation is the one that leads market choices, it’s likely that they will remain loyal to their choices and buying habits. At the same time, older generations continue to trust better-known, industrial brands, but make fewer purchases as they grow older.

6. More beers made with fresh hops

Did you know that there has been an 80% increase in fields growing hops in the US?

This statistic indicates greater direct access to hops for brewers, meaning that they can produce more beer with fresh hops. It’s no surprise then that in recent years the production of this type of beer has grown significantly.

7. Greater inclusiveness

The sector doesn’t necessarily need to be modernised, but artisan brewers are slowly changing. The whole craft beer market will become ever more inclusive and diverse with a greater growth expected over the next decade.


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